Learn digital skills with digital coaches

Fifty 1-hour sessions designed to empower you with essential digital skills this academic year.

What is a digital skills session?

This year our full-trained team of digital coaches will be delivering over560 digital skills sessions for University of Liverpool students. Each session will last 1 hour and you can book as many as you like. You can join on campus or participate online on Handshake.

Check out the full list of digital skills sessions.

Who are the digital coaches?

Handshake Digital coaches are all current University of Liverpool students. Over the summer, they completed a comprehensive training programme together, learning new skills, understanding digital skills gaps in the region, and preparing sessions to deliver to you to help you learn the essential skills you will need in your early career.

Watch this short video or click here to meet the digital coaches.

Discover more...

In today's world, digital skills have become more important than ever before. By attending a session you will gain valuable knowledge and abilities that will not only benefit you during your time at the university but also into your early career.

Open to all University of Liverpool students, you can choose from a variety of workshop themes, including:

  • Digital Collaboration: Enhancing teamwork and productivity through digital tools.
  • Marketing Your Start-Up/Small Business: Strategies and Techniques for effective digital marketing.
  • Research Methods and Digital Tools for Translating Non-Digital Texts.
  • Introduction to Coding for Data Analysis: Building foundational coding skills for data analysis tasks.
  • Leveling Up Your CV Design: Enhancing your CV's visual appeal and impact.
  • ChatGPT for Educational/Analysis/Reading Tool: Leveraging ChatGPT for educational and analytical purposes.
  • Introduction to Digital Analysis Tools: Exploring various digital analysis tools for data-driven insights.
  • PowerPoint Made GIFs/Animation: Adding visual interest and interactivity to your presentations.
  • Copywriting for Web & Social Media: Crafting compelling content for online platforms.
  • Introduction to SEO/Paid Advertising using Facebook and TikTok: Strategies for optimizing search engine visibility and leveraging social media ads.
  • AI - Next-Gen Use of AI Tools for Learning, Research, etc.: Exploring advanced applications of AI in various domains.
  • Image Generation Using AI: Unleashing the creative potential of AI for image creation.
  • Optimizing Your Social Media for Employers: Enhancing your social media profiles to attract employers.
  • Introduction to GitHub: Understanding the fundamentals of version control and collaboration using GitHub.

Check out the complete list of available sessions and secure your spot via Handshake.

Remember, places are limited, and booking in advance is essential to ensure you don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity.

We are also excited to announce that by attending seven Digital Skills sessions, you will receive a Liverpool+ extra-curricular accreditation at the end of your studies. It's an excellent opportunity to showcase your dedication to acquiring valuable digital skills.

If you have any questions about the sessions please reach out to us by dropping into the Career Studio or email careers@liverpool.ac.uk.


The digital coach programme transformed my life and led me to where I am now. Without it, I wouldn't be in my great role and I wouldn't have met all the amazing people who brought the project to life.

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