Certificate of Competence in Environmental Noise Measurement of the Institute of Acoustics

A basic knowledge of the methodology of environmental noise measurement - in particular, the use and precision requirements of sound level meters and analysers, is an increasingly important requirement for local authority officers and consultants concerned with environmental noise pollution, environmental impact assessment, and planning guidance.

This highly practical course trains participants to carry out reliable measurements of environmental noise from a range of transportation, industrial and other sources to British Standard requirements, and to comply with the requirements of planning guidance documents. A second aim is to enable delegates to assess the significance of measurement data, against the framework of standards and legislation for environmental noise.

The certificate course is offered on a one-week, full time basis.

Who will benefit?

Technical and scientific staff, in local authorities, environmental consultancies and companies, whose employment requires a working knowledge of noise measurement methodology and legislation, and a basic appreciation of noise control methods.

The ARU is accredited by the Institute of Acoustics to run courses leading to the approved Certificate of Competence. The ARU has an excellent reputation and a continuous track record of successful courses since they were first introduced by the IOA in 1993. Students leave with the confidence that they have been trained in one of the longest established professional acoustics laboratories in Europe, and benefit from the professional skills and experience of staff of the highest calibre. On recent courses we have had candidates from outside the UK including, Ireland, Portugal, Germany, Spain, Qatar, Abu Dhabi, Turkey, India, Nigeria and Thailand.