LSA Alumni Reunion

Interior of the Stirling gallery, steel frames with a pitched glass roof. Overlayed is text LSA 24 RIba 100 Validation celebration.

Share your story!

We want to collate the achievements of our global alumni community and hear where life has taken you since graduation. You can complete the following form to share your updates which will be included on our School web pages here.

The School are proud of the achievements of our alumni community and hope to develop our relationships and build networks so you can celebrate the school’s milestones and continue to be an integral part of its future success, particularly as we look towards the opening of the new LSA building in 2025.

We look forward to hosting you in March and ask that you share this message with your fellow LSA classmates.

We have previous held events including Celebrating Women Architects across the Decades that retrieve the works and activities of early female alumni at the LSA. We are hoping to have opportunities to share your story soon too

Any queries and questions please direct to

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