Photo of Professor Anthony Sinclair

Professor Anthony Sinclair MA, PhD, FSA, FHEA

Professor of Archaeological Theory and Method Archaeology, Classics and Egyptology


    Research Interest 1

    The archaeology of the Palaeolithic, especially with relation to (i) the social and cognitive analysis of the manufacture and use of lithic technology, (ii) the nature of the human perception of landscapes and conspecific communities.
    The archaeology of 18th century communities particularly with reference to goldsmiths and the manufacture and use of landscape gardens.

    Research Grants

    Makapansgat Middle Pleistocene project: to provide a systematic assessment of the nature and pattern of hominid activities in the Makapan valley and its environs.


    May 1997 - December 2001

    Research Collaborations

    Dr William Davies

    External: University of Southampton

    Collaboration for research project for NERC.

    Prof. Geoff Bailey

    External: The University of York

    A landscape survey of the Farasan Islands, Saudi Arabia, undertaken with a view to understanding the timing and nature of human interactions with coastal environments and the timing of human exodus from the African Continent

    Dr John McNabb

    External: The University of Southampton

    John and I have been collaborating in the interpretation of the lithic assemblages of the Cave of Hearths, Makapansgat, South Africa,.

    Dr Alfred G Latham


    Collaboration in the interpretation of the formation processes of the archaeological sediments at the Cave of Hearths, Makapansgat, South Africa

    Keith Matthews

    External: Chester College of HE

    The excavation and analysis of the archaeology of Carden Parish, Cheshire, and with particular reference to the 18th century landscape garden features at Carden park