Periodic Review

The purpose of Periodic Review is to monitor the quality and standards of the programmes and awards offered by each department. The process enables the University to check the health of its provision, to identify areas for development and to identify and disseminate good practice in taught and PGR degrees.

Periodic Review Process (Taught)


Taught Provision Periodic Review Guidelines

Appendix 1: Level of Review

Appendix 2: Review Panels

Appendix 3: Letter to External Panel Member

Appendix 4: Preliminary Meeting Agenda Periodic Review

Appendix 5: Periodic Review Flow Chart

Appendix 6: Self Evaluation Document: Guidelines

Appendix 7: Aide Memoire for Meeting with Students

Appendix 8: Aide Memoire for Meeting with Staff

Appendix 9: Panel Members Checklist for Programme Revalidation

Appendix 10: Periodic Review Report Template

Appendix 11: Periodic Review Action Plan Template

Appendix 12: Periodic Review Schedule

Appendix 13: External Reviewer Evaluation Form

Appendix 14: Engaging with Students: Feedback on Process

Appendix 15: Outline of proposed changes to existing programmes for periodic review panel


Periodic Review Process (PGR)


PGR Periodic Review Guidelines

Appendix 1:  Invitation Letter to Proposed External Panel Member

Appendix 2:  Self Evaluation Document Template

Appendix 3:  Template for Listing Partners

Appendix 4:  Template for Collating Management Information

Appendix 5:  Aide Memoire for Panel

Appendix 6:  Suggested agenda for Initial Meeting with Chair Panel

Appendix 7:  Suggested Agenda for Preliminary Meeting of Panel

Appendix 8:  Suggested Questions for Meeting with Students

Appendix 9:  Template for Periodic Review Report

Appendix 10: Template for External Panel Member

Appendix 11: Template Action Plan

Appendix 12: Template for Progress Report

Appendix 13: Schedule of PGR Periodic Reviews


Training and Briefings

Please contact your Faculty's Academic Quality Support Officer for taught programmes and the PGR Quality Officer for PGR programmes AQSD contacts.