Annual Subject Action Planning (ASAP) 2023-24

The Annual Subject Action Planning process is slightly different for 2023/24 following the pilot of the Enhancement Subject Action Planning (ESAP) process that was undertaken in autumn 2023 in respect of NSS results.

To facilitate the annual process for action planning, the ASAP process will proceed in 2023/24 against a different timeline, shown below, taking into account that NSS actions have already been identify and reported as explained above.

ASAP timeline 2023/24

March/April 2024

ASAP Report templates are completed by the reporting units.

April to May 2024

FAQSC/FEEAC receive the ASAP Report templates

By 23 May 2024

Faculties completes the Faculty ASAP summary report and submit it to AQSC.

8 June 2024

University AQSC reviews the Faculty ASAP summary report from each Faculty.


Other changes to the process include a requirement to consider the OfS data metrics for continuation, completion and progression.  These have been provided for each reporting unit, pre-populated into the report templates.  Data from the University’s Tableau dashboard is also provided for each reporting unit.

Guidance, supporting information and templates for ASAP are listed below: