The Times Higher Education magazine featuring Liverpool’s Open Innovation Hub for Antimicrobial Surfaces

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The Liverpool Advantage

The Times Higher Education magazine featured Liverpool’s OPIHAS within the campaign “THE Liverpool Advantage”. This initiative aims to increase public awareness on the world-leading research and innovation activities developed within the University of Liverpool. The OPIHAS, one of the most successful research units in terms of Innovate UK funding, provides access to a multi-million pound equipment infrastructure, alongside devoted research staff focused on innovative projects and on the development of translational pipelines, aligned with the priority areas of the University and RCUK. Our OPIHAS has attracted a cross-sectorial critical mass of multi-national companies and SEMs, ranging from healthcare to marine technologies, and developing collaborative R&D activities and consultancy projects. This work has been further boosted by the launch of the UK National Biofilm Innovation Centre (Link to NBIC news) of which Liverpool’s OPIHAS is one of the core partners.

Times Higher Education edition 29/03/2018: