Work Experience

The University is keen to offer work experience where possible, offering a diverse range of departments and types of activities that you can get involved in.

Please note: we cannot offer work experience to anyone under 14 years old. Also, due to health and safety reasons, some departments cannot provide work experience to anyone under 16 years old.

Who to contact

If you are interested in finding a work experience placement with the University contact the department they are interested in directly.

The following is a list of the departments who regularly offer work experience.

Departmental Work Experience Co-ordinators

NameDepartmentEmail address

Thomas Eckl

Mathematical Sciences

Physics Work Experience


Debbie Trayer- Gregory

External Relations, Marketing and Comms 

Work Experience Co-ordinator

Central Teaching Laboratories
Subjects: Chemistry, Physics and Environmental Sciences

Cathy Owens

The School of Law and Social Justice

Debbie Trayer-Gregory

Widening Participation and Outreach


Veterinary Clinical Science

Debbie Howarth

Institute of Infection and Global Health

Valentina Lorio

Institute of Systems, Molecular and Integrative Biology

Becky Green

Careers and Employability

If the department you are interested in doing work experience is not listed above, please visit the Departments and Services page for a full list of University departments.

Please note that some of our academic departments may not be able to offer placements outside of term time. This is because the type of work being undertaken at that time may be different and it may be more difficult to offer a valuable placement. If in doubt please contact the department to find out the best time for a placement there.

How to apply

Once you have identified a department or departments you are interested in complete the following Application for Work Experience form and send it together with a cover letter to the department directly.

We cannot guarantee that you will be offered a placement.

Further information

For more information take a look at the list of FAQs.