Disability Confident 'Two Ticks' Scheme

The University is a Disability Confident employer and will ensure that disabled applicants who meet the essential criteria as defined in the employee specification will be guaranteed the opportunity to demonstrate their abilities at interview. Shortlisting against the desirable criteria will not be applied. Any applicants who do not meet all the essential criteria cannot be shortlisted. 

The Disability Confident scheme applies to both internally and externally advertised posts. To be considered under the scheme, disabled applicants must disclose their disability (as defined by the Equality Act 2010) and indicate that they wish to apply under the Disability Confident scheme on the Equal Opportunities section of the job application. For further details, please see our guidance on shortlisting

Please note that there may be occasions where it is not practicable or appropriate for the University to interview all disabled people that meet the minimum criteria for a job. For example, situations when there is a high volume of applications, the University may need to limit the overall number of interviews offered. In these circumstances the University would select the disabled candidates who best meet the minimum criteria for the job rather than all disabled candidates that meet the minimum criteria.


We guarantee interview through the GiveGetGo Volunteer Programme.