GiveGetGo Volunteering Programme

Through this award winning (2018 UHR Award for HR Excellence) progamme, in Partnership with Transform Lives Company, the University offers unemployed people from the city, who are seeking work, the opportunity to Give their time through volunteering, Get new Skills and Go places.

GiveGetGo is aimed at people who without a bit of extra help would struggle to find work. We specifically welcome applications from long-term unemployed people, veterans, people who’ve suffered with their health or mental health and social housing tenants. Unfortunately, we're not currently able to take referrals from students or people in work.

GiveGetGo includes:

  • At least half a day volunteering for at least 12 weeks within the University
  • One day a week skills focus including personal barriers to work e.g. stress   
  • Half a day a week work focussed time, job search
  • Employer engagement and guaranteed job interviews.

We guarantee to interview all individuals who have completed the GiveGetGo Volunteering Programme, who meet the essential criteria for the post. Individual’s names will be confirmed with the GiveGetGo Programme.

Two of our GiveGetGo volunteers have spoken to us about their experience, please read their case studies below:

Michal Case Study

Nat Case Study

If you would like to find out more about the programme please contact: Claire Hough,