The University of Liverpool has been delivering outreach work in primary schools across Merseyside and beyond since 2000. We aim to raise aspirations of the young people we work with and teach them about their educational journey, future educational choices, and introduce them to the concept of university.

The children learn key vocabulary, can ask current students any questions they have about university and their education and feel more comfortable with their transition into secondary school.

Our primary interventions are available for local partner primary schools.

Our Aims

  • Raise awareness of higher education
  • Teach children about future life choices and decision making
  • Raise aspirations and self-esteem
  • Support pupils with the transition from primary school to high school
  • Provide positive role models by allowing the pupils to work in close contact with current students
  • Start to familiarise pupils with the university campus and vocabulary associated with university

If you would like to discuss getting involved with any of our programmes, please contact us: