The University of Liverpool has over 15 years’ experience in delivering high quality aspiration raising activities on a local, national and global level. Using Professor Fluffy as a guide, we enable primary age children in Years 5 and 6, and their families to understand the concept and language of university.

The University of Liverpool has been working with primary schools since 2000 and has developed an innovative model to inform Primary children and their families about the opportunities available to them in education, the concept of choice and the next steps in their educational journey. 

Our Vision

Professor Fluffy (a female Engineering Professor) acts as a tool through which we introduce children to the concept of university, she teaches the young people about university and the educational journey that they are beginning. The first step in this journey is their transition to High School so we tackle this worry for the children through one of our programmes.

The children learn key vocabulary which starts to break down the barriers and teaches the children that university is a place for them. Visits to campus and Roadshows that take place in school solidify the children’s understanding of university and allow them to aim high and achieve their goals.

Professor Fluffy’s Primary programmes aim to:

    • Raise awareness of higher education
    • Teach children about future life choices and decision making
    • Raise aspirations and self-esteem
    • Support pupils with the transition from primary school to high school
    • Provide positive role models by allowing the pupils to work in close contact with recent graduates and current students
    • Start to familiarise pupils with the university campus and vocabulary associated with university

If you would like to discuss getting involved with any of our programmes, please contact us.

Year 5 Outreach

Year 6 Outreach

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