Veterinary Professional Studies - Research Project (VETS777)

Offered as part of the Veterinary Professional Studies programme, this 60-credit module forms the final part of a candidate's studies towards a MSc at the University of Liverpool.

The aim of this module is for candidates to develop research skills, review the literature around a specific area, undertake independent research, critically evaluate research findings, and implement research results in practice.

Research projects are carried out by clinical professionals during the course of their usual practice (e.g. retrospective data analysis, epidemiological investigation, case control study), or by joining with an established research group.

Method of Teaching

Projects are selected by students in consultation with potential supervisors and module co-ordinators. Supervisors will provide guidance and mentorship, ensuring the project is approved by the appropriate ethics committee if required, and maintaining communication with the candidate on a weekly basis.

Candidates are supported with an online series of tutorials and materials, including access to the University of Liverpool's online library.

Module Structure

The module is divided into three units of work, starting with basic research methodology and literature review, prior to the research project.

1. Research Techniques and Evidence-Based Medicine (150 hours):

  • data management and spreadsheet design;
  • research in clinical practice - evidence-based medicine;
  • principles of animal research and ethics;
  • introduction to research design;
  • validity and reliability in research instruments;
  • survey research; and,
  • statistical analysis.

2. Literature Review (200 hours):

  • how to structure a scientific review of the literature.

3. Project Work (250 hours)


The Research Project module runs yearly from August.

Candidates can complete the Research module concurrently with other modules, providing that they have already completed at least 80 credits (i.e. 8 modules) towards the Veterinary Professional Studies programme.


Assessment includes assessed interactive discussion boards for research methodology and design (small tasks are set, and involvement and interaction assessed), and a literature review, building on the literature critique knowledge, which is integral to all preceding modules, and a final presentation and report.


Research Project - £2000

A small fund (max. £500) will be available to your supervisor to cover costs associated with running the project, e.g. consumables or travel (for you or your supervisor).

How to Enrol

Applications are invited from candidates who have already completed 80 credits towards a Veterinary Professional Studies award, and who are continuing to study for a MSc.

In order to enrol onto the Research Project module, candidates should submit a research proposal, which includes nomination of a supervisor and identification of the research facilities available for research. Approval of the proposal is required for a candidate to enrol onto the module.

Proposals are ordinarily expected to be submitted two months prior to the commencement of the module (i.e. in June each year).

Proposals will be assessed on their feasibility, and the availability of resources, including staff available for supervision.

For more information or to apply, please contact us.