Veterinary Professional Studies (Postgraduate Certificate / Diploma / MSc)

The University of Liverpool’s School of Veterinary Science now offers Postgraduate Certificate, Diploma and Masters level awards for veterinary surgeons in Veterinary Professional Studies.

Programme Structure 

Postgraduate Certificate in Veterinary Professional Studies (60 credits):

Candidates who successfully complete six Certificate in Advanced Veterinary Practice (CertAVP) modules* with the University of Liverpool (i.e. 60 credits), will be eligible for a PgCert in Veterinary Professional Studies, awarded by the University, in addition to the CertAVP qualification awarded by the RCVS.

*These modules must include the core A-FAVP.1 module and one of the B-modules. 

Postgraduate Diploma in Veterinary Professional Studies (120 credits):

Candidates who successfully complete a further 60 credits following the CertAVP with the University of Liverpool will also be eligible for a PgDip in Veterinary Professional Studies.

Candidates can choose from further CertAVP modules, Veterinary Business Management modules, or a range of 20-credit modules, including the University's Clinical Placement Modules, and modules in Epidemiology and Animals & Human Society.

Candidates who have completed their University of Liverpool PgCert in Veterinary Business Management first, and who wish to progress to a higher award in Veterinary Professional Studies, must complete the core A-FAVP.1 CertAVP module and one of the B-modules.

Masters in Veterinary Professional Studies (180 credits):

Candidates who successfully complete a final research project module (60 credits), in addition to 120 credits with the University of Liverpool, will be eligible for an MSc in Veterinary Professional Studies.

Available Modules

Modules can be chosen from any CertAVP designation – (Equine, Small Animal, or Production Animal) or from Veterinary Business Management (CertVBM) Core modules.

The following modules are also available as part of the Postgraduate Diploma / MSc in Veterinary Professional Studies:

Credits cannot be counted towards more than one University of Liverpool award (degree) i.e. candidates who have graduated with a PgCert in Veterinary Business Management (PgCertVBM) from the University of Liverpool, cannot use the same credits towards a Veterinary Professional Studies higher award. However, if an award is not taken (i.e. you continue and do not graduate), all modules undertaken can count towards a higher degree.

An overview of the pathways available for higher awards in Veterinary Professional Studies:


CertAVP and PgCertVBM modules are priced individually, and candidates can book and pay for one module at a time.

Veterinary Professional Studies modules:

  • Clinical Placement 1 - £800
  • Clinical Placement 2 - £800
  • Introduction to Epidemiology - £1000
  • Animals & Human Society - £1000
  • Research Project (VETS609) - £2000
  • Research Project (VETS777) - £2000

How to Enrol 

CertAVP modules are open to Members of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (MRCVS), or to veterinary surgeons who hold an equivalent registerable qualification.

On completion of 6 modules (i.e. 60 credits) candidates will automatically be eligible for a Postgraduate Certificate in Veterinary Professional Studies from the University of Liverpool. Candidates can then choose whether they wish to graduate or to continue their studies towards a Postgraduate Diploma or MSc. 

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