Nursing Online CPD Mini-Modules

Our new Nursing Online CPD mini-modules have been developed for and aimed towards veterinary nurses. These 100% online modules will run over four weeks, with a different topic being covered each week, and will provide you with 25 hours of CPD

The course will be taught and tutored by veterinary nurses from the University of Liverpool referral hospital teams, with input from veterinary specialists. The module will provide four weeks of teaching, with a break week in the middle to allow time to catch up.

The online teaching material will be in the form of online lectures, readings, interactive discussion boards, live Zoom sessions with course tutors and speakers and weekly MCQ tests designed to help support your learning. You also have access to the university of Liverpool online library and access to tutors and peers, making learning fun and interactive.


Small Animal Veterinary Nursing

Equine Veterinary Nursing


Each module will provide:

  • Four weeks of online teaching material with weekly lectures, readings and interactive discussion boards
  • Full access to the University of Liverpool online library
  • Access to course tutors and speakers
  • The chance to join an online network of veterinary nurses with a similar area of interest

These modules run twice per year, the next ones will start on:

  • 4th November 2024
  • 24th February 2025 


  • £420

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