Veterinary Professional Studies - Animals & Human Society

The module provides an introduction to the role of social sciences in the study of animal health related issues and of the impact of animals in societies (focusing on contemporary issues in Europe and Africa). It covers key concepts, qualitative research methods and ethical issues related to application of social sciences to animal health issues. It also explores issues related to the roles of animals in different societies, differing scientific paradigms and the role of research in policy and decision-making. The teaching and learning strategy allows students to study at a distance in an online forum that encourages communication and interaction between professional peers as well as the teaching staff while maintaining flexibility to be available to working professionals on a part time basis. The module comprises introductory lectures, and tutorials that build on and enable debate based on guided and self-directed preparatory reading and an online, reflective learning log. Assessment is through continuous assessment of contribution to tutorials, the online learning log and an essay.


  • To critically understand key topics relevant to animal health and veterinary science from a broad social perspective.
  • T o be able to critically evaluate evidence relevant to Aim 1 and necessary for planning and implementing independent research of these topics.


Animals & Human Society - £1000

How to Enrol 

Applications are invited from candidates who have already completed 60 credits towards a Veterinary Professional Studies award at the University of Liverpool (i.e. as per the Certificate in Veterinary Professional Studies), and who are continuing to study towards the Diploma or MSc.

For more information on enrolment, please contact us.