Production Animal

Certificate in Advanced Veterinary Practice (Cattle)

If you wish to work towards the designated ‘Certificate in Advanced Veterinary Practice (Cattle)’ at the University of Liverpool, you are required to successfully complete the following modules:

1x A-Module:  
A-FAVP.1 Foundations in Advanced Veterinary Practice
1x B-Module:  
B-PAP.2 Production Animal Practice
1 x compulsory C-Module:  
C-C.6 Cattle - Bovine Mastitis and Lameness
2 x C-Modules:  
C-C.4 Cattle - Bovine Nutrition, Husbandry and Lactogenesis
C-C.5 Cattle - Bovine Reproduction
C-C.7 Cattle - Bovine Youngstock Rearing and Infectious Diseases
Plus, 1x other B- or C-Module: Pick from the complete list of modules

The A & B modules provide the foundation for the rest of the CertAVP programme so delegates should commence with the A module, followed by the B module before starting the C modules. The A & B modules are delivered three times per year, in January, April and September, which means that you can choose when you begin your studies.  However, of the four C modules C-C.6 is a compulsory module. The four modules are delivered on a rolling basis which means that C-C.6 is not available in every calendar year. Therefore, if you wish to complete your CertAVP over a short period of time, you are advised to carefully plan your studies. It is possible that, if demand is particularly high, we may deliver C-C.6 more frequently on occasions.  

PLEASE NOTE: It is your responsibility to ensure that you have access to sufficient appropriate cases where you were the primary decision maker to produce adequate material for the module. This may not be possible with some internship positions. You must also be aware of any limitations of your facilities that may make the accumulation of appropriate cases difficult or impossible. 

The C-modules can be completed in any order.

Assessment is via continuous assessment/case-studies throughout each module and candidates are supported throughout their modules via a fully-structured e-learning programme.

Upon successful completion of all six modules, candidates must also pass a Synoptic Examination in order to be awarded a designated certificate. Synoptic Examinations take place once per year, in summer, at the University’s Leahurst campus