Diagnostic Post Mortem Examinations

  • We accept submissions for post mortem examination (PME) from veterinary surgeons following receipt of completed documentation.
  • PME can be performed on any animal species, and we can receive animals up to 2 tons in weight. For giant species (e.g. elephants) a team can travel and perform the PME on site.
  • A complete examination will include the gross PME and histopathological examination, with further tests such as bacteriological culture and parasitology. These examinations are carried out at the pathologist’s discretion and prior authority is not requested from the submitting veterinary surgeon for routine procedures.
  • We normally provide a preliminary report with gross findings followed by a definitive report with histopathology and any additional tests.
  • We will usually discuss in our preliminary reports the need for non-routine additional tests, particularly if samples are submitted to external laboratories (e.g. toxicology, clonality, etc.).
  • Animals submitted for PME cannot be released to the owner after the examination. This is due to legal requirements (European Waste Catalogue 180202). 
  • We can release animals for individual cremation to a licensed carrier. Arrangements for this have to be made by the referring veterinary surgeon / owner. The veterinary pathology secretaries can advise you on this procedure.
  • The material obtained by the diagnostic pathology service is used for both undergraduate and postgraduate training and research in veterinary pathology.
  • We also offer post mortems for exotic & wildlife species as well as forensic veterinary pathology services.

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