Farm Animal Post Mortem Service

Farm Animal Post Mortem Service, Leahurst is an APHA Partner Post Mortem Examination (PME) Provider. All post mortems are carried out by vets experienced in farm animal pathology and disease investigation and contribute to UK-wide surveillance information.

Please telephone 07970 247256 or 0151 794 6120 to arrange submission of a carcass or carcasses. Vets or farmers are welcome to ring, but in all cases please be prepared to provide information about the vet under whose care the animals are. Results and invoices will be sent to the vet, who must be aware of the submission.

APHA-funded carcass collection may be available, depending on how far the farm is from the PME centre. Please use the APHA post-code search tool here

Prices for post-mortem examinations include costs of carcass disposal and all necessary testing. Please see here for the Farm Animal Post Mortem Services Price List.

Remains will be cremated. Private cremation and return of ashes to the owner by a licensed operator is possible if the request is made during the telephone conversation about submission.

Post mortem examinations are used for teaching of veterinary students. Photographs taken during the PME to document findings may subsequently be used (after being anonymised) for educational purposes.

The following permission is implicit in submission. The vet, if enquiring about submission, should ensure that the owner is able to grant this permission. Please discuss any concerns about granting permission during the telephone conversation about submission.



Tissue and other samples collected during PMEs may be used for diagnostic tests and may also be retained for research and/or teaching purposes.