The veterinary laboratory services team is involved in various research projects within the University and beyond and welcome further internal and external collaboration and service provision.

• We offer technical support as a service without interpretation
• We can also provide a full package (technical & interpretation). For a full package, results can be provided on a collaborative basis (technical costs only) or via a full service (technical costs & academic professional charges apply).
• For large projects we strongly suggest our involvement at the study design/grant submission phase.

In particular we can offer the following expertise:

Veterinary Pathology
• Necropsy and histomorphological characterisation of experimental animal models
• Evaluation of tissue injury with semiquantitative scoring and/or quantitative digital image analysis (IA) on whole slide section
• Optimisation of immunohistological protocols on animal tissues and cell cultures, including double staining
• Quantification of immunohistochemical expression of markers with semiquantitative scoring and/or digital image analysis (IA) on whole slide scans including double stains
• Ultrastructural analysis of tissue and cell cultures

Veterinary Microbiology
• Bacterial culture and susceptibility testing
• Determination of Minimum Inhibitory Concentration
• Bacterial identification by MALDI-TOF
• Fungal identification by MALDI-TOF
• PCR testing for various infectious agents

To discuss a research collaboration:

Please contact:

For histology/histopathology/immunohistology:
Valerie Tilston (Technical):
Dr. Lorenzo Ressel (Academic):

For electron microscopy:
Dr. Lorenzo Ressel (Academic):

For microbiology:
Dr. Dorina Timofte: