Members of staff

The Pathology Group consists of qualified veterinary pathologists, residents and PhD students. It is complemented by several honorary members of staff. A team of necropsy, histology and microbiology technicians, and secretaries provides support.

Diagnostic Pathology Services

Lorenzo Ressel
Richard Blundell
Julian Chantrey
Gail Leeming

Gail Leeming
Senior Lecturer in Veterinary Pathology

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Emanuele Ricci

Hayley Crosby-Durrani
Lecturer in Veterinary Pathology

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Diagnostic Microbiology Services

Dorina Timofte

Parasitology and Entomology Services

Honorary Members of Staff

 Veterinary Pathology currently has several honorary members of staff who are involved in undergraduate teaching, the training of residents and collaborative research. They also provide specific diagnostic expertise.