• We offer a range of diagnostic immunohistology services, for the identification of tumour cell origin, prognosis and tumour grading, and the demonstration of infectious agents. Results are expected in about 7 working days from receipt.
  • Our immunohistology is performed with internal controls using a robotic immunostainer ensuring quality and accuracy of results.
  • This service is available to external pathology services, on receipt of paraffin wax blocks. Results are provided with interpretation of results. Slides are kept for teaching purposes.
  • We may also recommend immunohistological staining on
    other biopsy submissions or post mortem examination histopathology samples to aid diagnosis.
  • We also offer a tumour grading and prognostic/predictive evaluation service.
  • Tumour panels and new antibodies are often in development. Stay updated and contact us at
  • We offer a wide range of infectious agent antibodies to confirm viral and bacterial diseases on formalin fixed paraffin embedded tissue.
  • We offer immunohistology on CELL PELLETS from fluid samples which are submitted following centrifugation and fixation in formalin.
  • A 48h FAST-TRACK service is available at additional cost.

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