Histology & Cytology

  • Surgical biopsies are examined for histopathological diagnosis
  • Reports are normally sent one to three days after the
    tissue is received, depending on the degree of fixation and complexity of the case.
  • Please remember that specimens need to be in a sufficient
    volume of formalin (ratio 10:1 formalin:tissue) to ensure adequate fixation, and that all pots should be securely packaged to prevent leakage.
  • Advanced margination (including shaved margins and margin measurement) can be performed upon request at additional cost.
  • Grading of tumours, where veterinary literature is available, can be performed upon request.
  • Immunohistology can be performed on biopsies to further investigate cases (see immunohistology), with additional cost.
  • Fine needle aspirates (FNA) of lesions can be submitted, and will be reported in one to two days.
  • Cytology samples should not be sent together with formalin fixed samples, as formalin fumes prevent proper staining.
  • The material obtained by the pathology service is used for both undergraduate and postgraduate training and research in veterinary pathology.

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