Changing your course of study

If you wish to change your course of study, you may be required to make an application for a new visa before you start you new course of study even if you are studying with the same Tier 4 /Student visa Sponsor.

Starting a new course after completing a previous course

If you want to start a new course of study after completing a course, either with the University of Liverpool or another institution, you will need to apply for a new visa.

To begin studying your new course at the University of Liverpool, you must be able to show that you either have your new Student visa or evidence that you have applied for your new Student visa. You will not be able to register for your new course if you cannot demonstrate that you have a new visa or have made a new visa application. If you will show evidence that you have applied for a new visa, you must also provide a copy of your passport and previous visa (even if this visa was for another institution).

Switching to a new course mid-way through study

If you are switching your course because you wish to study something different then you may be able to start your new course without making a new Tier 4 (General) / Student visa application. First of all, you should speak with your new School support office to see if you will be allowed to switch your course. If there is enough time on your current visa to complete the new course then you may be able to transfer a course without changing your visa. You can transfer without changing your visa if your new course is at the same or higher level as your previous course and in the same field of study, or the two courses help achieve your career aims. The University will inform the UK Home Office of the change in your course.

However, if there is not enough time on your current visa to complete your new course, or your new course is at a lower level or not in the same field of study, then you must make a new Student visa application outside the UK. You must make the visa application before you switch to your new course of study.    

If you have any questions about switching your course of study and the impact that this will have on your visa, please contact International Advice and Guidance

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