Tier 4 (General) / Student Visa

A Tier 4 (General) / Student visa is the type of visa that most international students at the University will need to obtain before they can commence studies with ourselves. EU/EEA/Swiss students coming to the UK to study for longer than 6 months from 1st January 2021 will also need to obtain a Student visa. Prior to applying for a Student visa you need to be 'sponsored' by the University for the course you intend to study (we will provide you a CAS) and you need to meet the requirements of the Student visa.

After receiving a Student visa you will be expected to start the course and meet the conditions attached to your visa. Please read our Tier 4 Guide for students (v2) for information about your rights and responsiiblities as a Tier 4 (General)/Student visa holder and the University of Liverpool's responsibilites as your Tier 4/Student visa Sponsor. 

Please note: on 5th Oct 2020 a new UK immigration system was brought in, the terms 'Tier 4' and 'Student' visa should be considered the same.