Conditions of your student visa

Your Tier 4 (general)/ student visa is granted with different immigration conditions attached.

All international students are responsible for understanding and complying with the conditions of their own visa.

These conditions are normally printed (sometimes in an abbreviated form) on your vignette or your Biometric Residence Permit (BRP). However, your Tier 4 conditions can also appear in the letter that you receive when you get your visa. This section explains the conditions attached to your studies. 

International students are expected to help the University by following all reasonable requests for information and/or documentation, including regular requests to confirm or update their contact details.

Students are expected to update their contact details via Liverpool Life whenever they change.

The University reserves the right to request satisfactory evidence from a student that they are complying with the conditions of their visa. Details of when the University may contact students for information and documentation, as well as the timescale for responses, can be found in the University of Liverpool’s standard operating procedure UKVI tier 4 compliance monitoring international students’ immigration status.

If the University finds, or suspects, a student is failing to comply with the conditions of their visa, or failing to hold the correct visa for studying at the University, or where a student is otherwise deemed to be putting the University’s tier 4 sponsor licence at risk, the University reserves the right to administratively suspend or withdraw the student from their programme of study, in order to protect its tier 4 sponsor licence. There is no right of appeal against this action.

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