Operating Suite

Here at the hospital we are proud to have an extensive, modern operating suite built with infection control and patient comfort in mind. All of the theatres have positive-pressure ventilation, along with a one-way system for staff and equipment, to minimise risk of infection.

The theatres are equipped with cutting-edge technology to support a range of surgical procedures. The Small Animal Teaching Hospital is world-renowned for its orthopaedic service and our operating theatres are equipped to support a wide range of procedures from elbow replacement surgery to spinal disc decompression. Minimally-invasive (key-hole) surgery is available for selected procedures to help shorten recovery times and add to patient comfort. There is an operating theatre fully equipped for minimally-invasive procedures such as arthroscopy (looking inside joints), thoracoscopy (looking inside the chest) and laparoscopy (looking inside the abdomen). Endoscopy facilities allow us to carry out diagnostic investigations for stomach, small-intestinal, bladder, respiratory and other diseases with the ability to capture images digitally to share with referring vets and to monitor progression.

Patient comfort is extremely important to us and we cater for all sizes of patients with close, careful monitoring during and after surgery. Our recovery areas are equipped with oxygen and fluid support, warming facilities and supportive, comfortable bedding.