Patient facilities

The hospital’s extensive patient care facilities include separate dog and cat wards, two spacious wards for large dogs, recovery, isolation and intensive care wards. All wards are equipped with piped oxygen and under-floor heating. Deep bedding and spacious kenneling ensures comfort, along with easy access to three separate exercise areas, including a large grassed pen. The cat ward is quiet and has its own examination area to minimise stress.

The intensive care unit (ICU) provides facilities for up to 16 patients, from tiny neonates to large dogs. ICU has a wirelessly-connected central station allowing staff to closely monitor blood pressure, ECG, blood gases, along with ventilators, fluid pumps and syringe drivers where they are needed. The ICU is adjacent to the post-surgery recovery areas, allowing rapid response to any emergencies.

The isolation ward allows for complete containment of infection, with dedicated treatment and exercise areas, bathing facilities and outside ventilation.

The hospital is staffed by vets and nurses around the clock. There are also in-house diagnostic imaging and laboratory facilities available in and out of hours.