Seminars in the Stephenson Institute for Renewable Energy


SIRE seminar series 2023

Unless otherwise stated the seminar will take place Tuesdays at 1:00pm in the seminar room of the Stephenson Institute.





21st March 2023 Dr Elisabetta Arca Newcastle University X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy for characterisation of energy materials: from post-mortem analysis to in-operando methods
19th April 2023 Professor Scott Shaw University of Iowa, USA Electrochemical tools to disclose the electrochemical reduction mechanism of carbon dioxide in aprotic solvents and ionic liquids
25th April 2023 Professor Robert Dryfe University of Manchester Two (or three) phase Electrochemistry
2nd May 2023 Dr Lauren McHugh  University of Liverpool

Metal organic framework glasses

9th May 2023 Professor Ian Burgess University of Saskatchewan, Canada

Studying electrochemical interfaces with advanced operando infrared methods

15th May 2023 Dr Laurie King Manchester Metropolitan U Precious-metal-free catalysts for-effective green hydrogen generation
13th June 2012 Alexey Ganin University of Glasgow Nitrides for electrocatalysts for the hydrogen evolution reaction
27th June 2023 David Raciti National Institute of Standards and Technology, NIST, USA Insights into Cu Surface Chemistry Via in-Operando nanoparticle Enhanced Vibrational Spectroscopy
4th July 2023 Paul Chalker University of Liverpool Atomic Layer Deposition: development of advanced coatings
31st October 2023 Jo Forth University of Liverpool Squishy Devices – From 3D-Printed Water to a Brain-on-a-Chip

Previous years seminar series

15th November: SIRE 10th Anniversary Event  


Prof. Tzu-Ho Wu, National Yunlin University of Science and Technology (NYUST), Taiwan - “Strategies Toward High-Performance Aqueous Zn-Ion Batteries”

Dr Silvia Mariotti, OIST, Japan - "Fabricating perovskite solar cells around the World: a toxic job”

Dr Filipe Braga Nogueira,  University of Liverpool - “Interface between academia and industry as a post-doctoral researcher in energy storage materials”

Dr Ben Williams, Oxford PV - “Thin-film photovoltaics, from academia to industry”

Dr Leanne Jones, University of Oxford - “The Journey of an X-ray Spectroscopist : an illuminating career path”

Dr Ben Duff, University of Liverpool - “Towards Understanding of the Local Structure and Li+ Ion Dynamics in Solid Electrolyte Candidates using Solid-State NMR”

Dr Khezar Saeed, University of Copenhagen, Denmark - “Probing the interfacial activation of proteins at lipid surfaces with VSFG spectroscopy”

Dr Gaia Neri, JM - “Power-to-Fuels from academia to industry”

Dr Gilberto Teobaldi, STFC - “Riverrun, past Eve and Adam's, from swerve of shore to bend of bay”

Prof. Gary Harlow, University of Oregon, USA - “Adventures in surface x-ray diffraction and electrochemistry”

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