Seminars in the Stephenson Institute for Renewable Energy


SIRE seminar series 2018/19

Unless otherwise stated the seminar will take place Tuesdays at 1:00 pm in the seminar room of the Stephenson Institute.





Tuesday 19th February 2019 Prof. Jian-Feng Li Xiamen University, China Probing Surface Reaction and Intermediates using In Situ Raman Spectroscopy
Tuesday 12th February 2019 Dr Karen Johnston University of Durham Probing Ion Mobility Mechanisms in Solid Electrolytes using Solid-State NMR Spectroscopy
Tuesday 5th February 2019 Dr Stijn Mertens University of Lancaster From Collective to Single-Molecule Switching in 2D Materials at Solid–Liquid Interfaces
Tuesday 29th January 2019 Dr Ainara Aguadero Imperial College, London Local chemical degradation processes and ionic transport in garnet all-solid-state batteries
Tuesday 4th December 2018 Prof Peter Weightman University of Liverpool Funding for research on the FELIX free electron lasers
14:00 Monday 3rd December 2018 Nian Lin The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong Metal-organic coordination on surfaces: towards complexity and functionality
14:00 Tuesday 20th November 2018 Dr Paul Donaldson STFC-UKRI Rutherford Appleton Laboratory Adventures in ultrafast laser spectroscopy at the CLF. New multidimensional IR techniques and new applications in heterogeneous catalysis
Tuesday 13th November 2018 Jessica Stoner University of Liverpool Chemical Control of Correlated Metals as Transparent Conductors
Tuesday 16th October 2018 Dr Peter Priecel University of Liverpool Microwave-assisted heterogeneous catalysis in biomass conversion
Tuesday 9th October 2018 Dr Brant Walkley University of Sheffield Materials for a sustainable future: Composition-‘local-structure’-property relationships in materials for energy production, storage and remediation

Previous years seminar series

Energy @ Liverpool 'Securing Efficient and Affordable Energy' - Monday 22nd January 2018

The University hosted an event to showcase its research, facilities and expertise in securing efficient and affordable energy.

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