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QUASAR Group member Yelong Wei at EAAC 2017.

The 3rd European Advanced Accelerator Concepts Workshop (EAAC) took place in the Elba island, Italy from 24th Sep until 30th Sep 2017.

EAAC is a world's novel accelerating community and encourages researchers to build international collaboration in such a field. This workshop is organized in the context and with sponsoring of the EU/ARIES funded European Network for Novel Accelerators (EuroNNAc3), a network of 52 institutes and universities.

QUASAR Group member Yelong Wei attended the workshop and presented a talk about energy efficiency studies on the dual-grating dielectric laser-driven accelerators (DLAs). In his talk, he illustrated two kinds of new schemes to improve the energy efficiency including detailed analytical studies and particle-in-cell simulations. Combination of both of the schemes are also investigated to boost the energy efficiency for dual-grating DLAs. During this workshop, he also exchanged some of his knowledge and had close discussions with other experts in the dielectric accelerator area and other novel acceleration schemes.

This workshop provided Yelong with a really good opportunity to broaden his context and learn from around the world and help further improve the DLA scheme. He also mentioned that the food, weather and beach are really nice. He really enjoyed it.