QUASAR wins 'Best PhD thesis' award

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QUASAR Dr Alex Alexandrova was awarded the physics department prize for "Best PhD thesis 2017" during the summer graduation ceremony. The prize was awarded in the Central Teaching Laboratories prior to degree being awarded in the Philharmonic Hall on 20 July 2017. 

Dr Alexandrova completed her PhD within the LA³NET project working on the development of a laser velocimeter for in-detail characterization of different targets. In her work, she has significantly extended the measurement capabilities of this sensor type towards liquid targets. SHe has also established advanced mathematical models for sensor optimization. Her work has been presented in several peer reviewed articles and at conferences and workshops around the world. Following her LA³NET Marie Curie Fellowship, Alex successfully attracted a Royal Society of Edinburgh/STFC Enterprise Fellowship which trained her in research commercialization. Together with QUASAR Group leader Prof Carsten Welsch she founded the company D-Beam in December 2015. Most recently, D-Beam was selected to become part of the STFC CERN Business Incubator on Daresbury Lab campus.