Second QUASAR to attend JUAS

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The JUAS course 2 cohort at the Paul Scherrer Institut.

The second QUASAR to attend JUAS this year, Jacinta has recently returned back from the second Joint Universities Accelerator School run by the European Scientific Institute. The second course had a strong focus on the technology and applications of particle accelerators, covering many of the practical aspects involved with accelerators. Full day lectures were held for the first 4 weeks along with ongoing lab reports, presentations and exams in the last week. Jacinta attended the course with more than 30 other masters, PhD students and working professionals of all different backgrounds from around the world.

Accommodating for different fields of work within accelerator physics, the school taught a broad range of topics as well as additional seminars. In the first weeks students were given lectures about radiofrequency (RF) cavities, vacuum systems, beam instrumentation, superconducting RF, accelerators for hadron therapy and control systems. This was followed by magnets, superconducting magnets, particle sources, low energy electron accelerators, accelerators for industrial and medical applications, life-cycle and reliability, high current proton linacs and radiation safety. Students were also given the opportunity to visit CERN, PSI, Bergoz instrumentation and Geneva hospital for tours of the facilities and practical work. These were the highlight of the course for Jacinta, hands on sessions with real equipment and being able to see in person places that she’d only read about!

It was an intense month of accelerator applications boot camp but Jacinta enjoyed her experience, met many others in the field and learnt much more about accelerators.