New brochure produced for LIV.INNO Centre for Doctoral Training

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The LIV.INNO Centre for Doctoral Training has produced a new brochure to promote the Centre to future partners and students. The brochure outlines the Centre’s expertise and explains how data science impacts everyone’s lives, as well as outlining some of the challenges that physics now has due to large amounts of data and how LIV.INNO is training students to help overcome these challenges.

The three work packages of Monte Carlo and High Performance Computing (WP1), Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (WP2) and Data Analysis (WP3) are explained in more detail with example projects from the first cohort of LIV.INNO students used to illustrate each work package.

One of the stand out aspects of a LIV.INNO PhD is the opportunity to work in industry for six months applying the skills that have been learned in the course of the PhD study. All LIV.INNO PhD students are required to do a placement, as were the students of the predecessor to LIV.INNO which was the LIV.DAT Centre for Doctoral Training. Several of the students from LIV.DAT have contributed details of the placements they undertook including details of the skills they learned while undertaking these placements.

Industrial partners can collaborate with LIV.INNO in many different ways such as joint studentships, industry placements, mentoring students and giving guest lectures as well as sponsorship opportunities. Full details of these and of other ways of collaborating are given in the brochure.

We hope you enjoy reading the brochure which can be found here.