QUASAR Group welcomes new Project Manager

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Naomi Smith

The QUASAR Group would like to extend a very warm welcome to Naomi Smith, who joined the Project T.E.A.M. as Project Manager in April 2022 and will be working on the LIV.INNOLIV.DAT and AVA projects.

Naomi obtained a first degree in Physics from the University of Manchester after which she started working as an accelerator physicist in the ASTeC accelerator physics group. She worked on the design study for the Diamond Light Source and was involved in the operation of the Synchrotron Radiation Source as well as communication activities such as editing the ASTeC annual report and maintaining the ASTeC website. She also became a STEM Ambassador and became experienced in science outreach activities.

She went on to study for an M.Sc in Science Communication and worked in Science Centres in Wrexham and Widnes before joining CERN as a Communications Officer in the EU Projects Office.

Next she went on to work at Jodrell Bank Discovery Centre as an Education and Events Manager. During her time there she developed and delivered workshops for school children and organised events for families and adult audiences such as Stargazing nights and the Lovell lecture series. She was also involved in the development and delivery of several externally funded projects such as Explore your UniverseDestination Space and Operation Earth.

Naomi will be based at the Cockcroft Institute and we are delighted to have her in our group.