Another PhD completed – Congratulations, Pavel!

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Pavel Juarez-Lopez

QUASAR Group member Pavel Juarez-Lopez, based at the Cockcroft Institute, has successfully passed his viva last week.

Pavel's research will help improve beam quality in accelerators and light sources. It focused on the Characterisation of High–Performance Electron Sources using a Transverse Energy Spread Spectrometer (TESS) located at Daresbury Laboratory. TESS is designed to measure the transverse energy of the electrons emitted from a photocathode under conditions that will allow emittance to be measured without perturbing effects; which can lead to emittance growth in accelerators.

Pavel used TESS to characterise photoemission from a wide variety of photocathode sources including pure metals, alkali metals and semiconductors. He was supervised by Dr Lee Jones (ASTeC), Dr Tim Noakes (ASTeC) and Prof Carsten Welsch (University of Liverpool).

Last year, Pavel secured a prestigious Post-Doctoral position at the DESY laboratory in Hamburg where he joined the Vacuum Group to support the European XFEL. One of the primary duties in this role will be the maintenance of the caesium telluride photocathode electron source for the European XFEL, though the group also have interests in developing and improving the growth and preparation method for this cathode, plus supporting other facilities located on the DESY site.