Lina Hoummi successfully passed PhD viva

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Dr Lina Hoummi and Prof Carsten Welsch.

QUASAR member Dr Lina Hoummi successfully passed her PhD viva on 22 March 2021. Her thesis focused on ‘Study and Optimisation of the non-linear and 6D dynamics of an electron beam in an ultra-low emittance storage ring’.

Lina’s project was jointly carried out between the University of Liverpool, based at the Cockcroft Institute, Daresbury, and the synchrotron SOLEIL in France. SOLEIL is a 3rd generation synchrotron: an electron storage ring that provides 29 beamlines with photon beams of different energies. Her PhD was part of the general effort to increase the brightness of the delivered beams, by reducing the emittance of the machine, i.e. the efficient surface of the electron beam. In her work, she studied the links between transverse and longitudinal nonlinear dynamics for the upcoming low emittance rings. This included nonlinear theory, simulation and programming, as well as the development and optimization of genetic algorithms.

Lina was supervised by Dr Ryutaro Nagaoka at SOLEIL, as well as Dr Javier Resta-Lopez and Prof Carsten P Welsch from Liverpool/Cockcroft Institute.