Photo of Dr Sophie Wickham

Dr Sophie Wickham PhD Msc BSc (Hons)

Wellcome Trust Research Fellow Public Health, Policy & Systems


Selected Publications

  1. Effects on mental health of a UK welfare reform, Universal Credit: a longitudinal controlled study (Journal article - 2020)
  2. COVID-19 and the Northern Powerhouse (Report - 2020)
  3. Poverty dynamics and health in late childhood in the UK: evidence from the Millennium Cohort Study (Journal article - 2019)
  4. The effect of a transition into poverty on child and maternal mental health: a longitudinal analysis of the UK Millennium Cohort Study (Journal article - 2017)
  5. Assessing the impact of rising child poverty on the unprecedented rise in infant mortality in England, 2000–2017: time trend analysis (Journal article - 2019)
  6. Impact of poverty trajectories on children’s health and maternal mental health: evidence from the UK millennium cohort study (Conference Paper - 2018)
  7. Poverty and child health in the UK: using evidence for action (Journal article - 2016)