Smart Toaster

A commercial idea for a smart toaster that will cook your toast to perfection every time.

Photo by Manki Kim



Toast is an extremely popular dish and a staple of the British diet. Toast dishes exist in a large variety with common dishes such as cheese on toast and less common such as avocado on toast.


The Problem

People are eating burnt toast!

Burnt toast is high in a chemical called acrylamide which has been defined by the World Health Organization as "probably carcinogenic to humans".

Even toast that is dark brown can have high levels of acrylamide. To combat this, the NHS has launched the "Go for Gold" campaign which encourages people to only eat toast that is golden brown in colour.

Read more about the dangers of burnt toast here


The Solution

Our students decided to design a toaster that can detect the colour of toast and turn off  once the toast has reached a golden brown colour. 


The Result

Students successfully designed a prototype sensor that would detect when toast was cooked to the correct colour. This could easily be incorporated into a modern toaster.


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