Submit a Problem

Have a problem for our teams to solve? Submit it by clicking on the link

What kind of problems?

The problems should be solveable by a team of STEM undergraduate students within a 12 week period. Our students mainly consist of physicists, engineers and computer scientists. Take a look at some current student projects here

How much involvement is required of me?

We know things can get busy so the amount of involvment is up to you. You could just meet the student team once to outline your problem or, ideally, you would become an active member of the team and provide feedback on the solutions as they are being developed.

Who owns the solution?

The teams who identify the solution will maintain intellectual property rights to the solution. We would very much like for you to be part of this team!

FISH Meets Medicine Hackathon

If you are a clinician wanting to submit a problem we would very much like you to attend our hackathon event to present your problem to the students. Please click here to register on Eventbrite.


Photo by Olav Ahrens Røtne



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