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Dr Rachael Wiseman

Reader Philosophy


Personal Statement

I work at the intersection of philosophy of mind, action and ethics and on the history of analytic philosophy. I have published mainly on the work of Ludwig Wittgenstein, G. E. M. Anscombe and the 'Wartime Quartet' (Anscombe, Philippa Foot, Mary Midgley and Iris Murdoch).

With Dr Clare MacCumhaill (Durham) I direct Women In Parenthesis. As well as studying the philosophy of the 'Wartime Quartet' we want to understand why there are so few women in philosophy and to work out what we might do about it. Our book *Metaphysical Animals: How Four Women Brought Philosophy Back to Life (2022) is a joint intellectual biography of the Quartet. Our work was funded by an AHRC-grant.

I am on the executive committee of the Royal Institute of Philosophy and the British Society for the the History of Philosophy. I am the associate editor for early analytic philosophy for the British Journal for the History of Philosophy. I am section editor for 20th Century Philosophy for De Gruyter's Works of Philosophy and Their Reception.

Before joining the department at Liverpool, I studied at UCL and York and was an Addison Wheeler Research Fellow at Durham.

At Liverpool I am the Direrctor of the MA Philosophy. I would be delighted to hear from students considering a Masters, and from potential PhD students interested in the work of any member of The Quartet; in Wittgenstein's later philosophy; or in philosophy of mind, action and ethics more broadly.