Paid roles at LDC Development Workshops

The Development Tutor Scheme offers two distinctive paid roles for workshops, as Assistant Tutor with  the workshop, ‘Taking Ownership of the PhD', and as a PGR Developer  to create and deliver your own half-day or shorter workshop.

Before both roles, we expect that tutors will have engaged with part of the Facilitation training programme, and we recommend you to attend ‘Facilitating Workshops’ before you deliver your own workshop.

1) Assistant Tutor on ‘Taking Ownership of the PhD'

This role involves supporting the delivery of the LDC Development ‘Taking Ownership of the PhD' working with a member of the LDC Development Team as lead tutor. We recruit two assistants for each workshop date.

Assistants will normally meet the tutor in advance of delivery to allocate specific roles for the day’s delivery and you will have an opportunity to deliver and facilitate one short session in the day. You will be sent the PowerPoint for the session in advance.

We will pay you for three hours preparation in addition to the hours of delivery on the day.

2) PGR Developer – creating your own workshops

This role involves developing and delivering your own Development workshop  with the support of a LDC Researcher Developer. You might devise a short session that is offered as part of an LDC Researcher week that take place in October or March each year, or a longer half-day workshop that is advertised within the LDC Development programme. If you have an idea and want advice on how to proceed, please get in touch and we can meet up and create a plan to take your idea forward.

Once you have created a plan for the delivery, the process for establishing the event in the LDC Development timetable is as follows:

  • You need to produce a workshop title, summary and workshop time-plan. These will need to be sent to the LDC Development team at least two months in advance of the date that has been agreed for delivery.

  • Your proposals will be reviewed by the development team and feedback will be provided.

  • The LDC Development team will then support you during your ongoing preparation and delivery.
  • The LDC Development team will manage all arrangements, including room booking, registration and advertising of the workshop.

Advice on how to design and  prepare workshops for our programme is provided within  the LDC Development programme sessions: ‘Webinar: Designing Workshops' and ‘Facilitating Workshops’. 

The Development Tutor Scheme handbook provides further information on all teaching opportunities.