Development Tutor Scheme

The Development Tutor Scheme offers post-graduate researchers across the University of Liverpool a very flexible opportunity to gain training and paid part-time opportunities within the LDC Development programme. You may assist in the LDC Development team in the delivery of our workshops and webinars or you can organise and run your own workshop or webinars, with the support of the LDC Development team.

Full Programme

There is no specific timing expected from you on joining this scheme. You may participate in the paid opportunities at times to fit in with your research demands and your own needs for your personal development. All commitments will be agreed on a per-session basis.

The scheme will help you gain valuable skills for your CV, experience in facilitation techniques to add to your teaching skills, experience in face-to-face and online delivery on topics in researcher development, and an opportunity to significantly shape and contribute to the research environment for postgraduate researchers.

Scheme registration 

In past years, PGR tutors have helped out on the ‘Taking Ownership of Your PhD workshop’ and many webinar sessions. In the last two year, PGR Tutors have also delivered the following workshops and webinars:

  • Half-day workshop: Improve your time management with self-determination theory and creativity
  • Half-day workshop: Improvisation in the workplace - a tool for research
  • Half-day workshop: Getting started with academic writing
  • Webinar: Making the Most of Academic Conferences
  • Webinar: Writing for 'The Conversation' - for PhD researchers
  • Half-day workshop: Becoming a mindful researcher
  • Webinar: Using Twitter for Academic Purposes’
  • Half-day workshop: Introduction to Project Management Tools and Techniques


For all enquiries in relation to this scheme, please contact Dr Shirley Cooper, LDC Development Team.