The aim of these webpages is to act as a handy resource for research degree supervisors, postgraduate researchers and other colleagues that wish to learn more about support for supervisors. The resources include details explaining the requirements of supervisors under the Code of Practice and how they are supported by academic colleagues and Professional Services.

Requirements for Supervisors

Supervising PGRs. This is the approved session for all new supervisors and delivered by Education Development.
>> Further information on Supervising PGRs

Research Degrees: Internal Examiners Workshop: This workshop is now a required session for all internal examiners at the University.
>> Further information on the Internal Examiners Workshop

Research Supervisor - Online
This is the online equivalent of the face to face course ‘Supervising PGRs’  for experienced supervisors  who have attended the face to face session. This course should be re-visited at least every five years.
>> Further information on Research Supervisor - Online

Record of Supervisory Meetings: All Supervisors are required to sign off those meetings, as part of the Institutional requirements for supervisors.
>> The Supervisors role in the Record of Supervisory Meetings

Further Development and Support

The following Workshops and Videos support all supervisors at the university:

Codes of Practice: All the university’s postgraduate research codes of practice can be found in the web pages for the PGR Student Team in SAS, including the Code of Practice on Research Student Supervision and the Code of Practice for Research Degree Examinations and Examiners.
PGR Code of Practice

PGR Careers Guidance: Advice and guidance to help Supervisors and other advisors support the career development of their PGRs in  annual reviews and other meetings
>> Supervisors role in the Career Development Requirement