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Corneal nerve loss is related to the severity of painful diabetic neuropathy Eur J Neurol

Chemotherapy-Induced Peripheral Neuropathy: Epidemiology, Pathomechanisms and Treatment Oncol Ther

Restorative Neurostimulation fro Chronic Mechanical low back pain: Results from a prospective multi-centre longitudinal cohort Pain Ther

Treatment of painful diabetic Neuropathy Curr Diabetes Rev.

Spinal inhibitory dysfunction in patients with painful or painless diabetic neuropathy Diabetes Care

Optimal Utility og H-Reflex RDD as a biomarker of spinal disinhibition in painful and painless diabetic neuropathy Diagnostics (Basel)

Morning and evening salivary cortisol levels in patients with chronic widespread pain and those at high risk Eur J Pain

Adverse effects of COVID-10-related lockdown on pain, physical activity and psychological well-being in people with chronic pain Br J Pain

Passive Transfer of fibromyalgia symptoms from patients to mice J Clin Invest

Inhibition of cortical somatosensory precessing during and after low frequency peripheral nerve stimulation in humans Clin Neurophysiol

Lipids and peripheral neuropathy Curr Opin Lipidol

Surgical microdiscectomy versus transforaminal epidural steroid injection in patients with sciatica secondary to herniated lumbar disc (nerves); a phsae 3, multicentre, open label, randomised controlled trial and economic evaluation Lancet Rheumatol.

Novel & emerging electrophysiological biomarkers of diabetic neuropathy and painful diabetic neuropathy Clin Ther

The effect of pain on reference memory for duration Psychol Res

The Valencia consensus-based adaptation of the IASP CRPS diagnostic criteria. J.Pain

Greater small nerve fibre damage in the skin & cornea of type 1 diabetic patients with painful compared to painless diabetic neuropathy European Journal of Neurology

A systematic review into the influence of temperature on Fibromyalgia pain: Meteorological studies & Quantitative sensory testing Journal of Pain

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome: developing diagnostic tools & treatments from sympathetic nervous system, neuroimmune & neuromodulation discoveries in neuropathic pain  Reg Anesth Pain Med

Prism adaption treatment for upper-limb Complex Regional Pain Syndrome: A dounle blind randomized controlled trial PAIN

Diagnosis of chronic primary pain in the context of structural deformity needs better definition PAIN

Early detection of diabetic peripheral neuropathy: A focus on small nerve fibres Diagnostics 



A consideration of the Psychological aspects to managing patients with painful Diabetic Neuropathy: An insight into pain management services at a tertiary centre in the UK Diabetes Ther

At the dawn of the transcriptomic medicine; Exp Bio Med 

Increased Pain sensitivity & pain-related anxiety in individuals with autism PAIN Reports

Exploring the impact of pain management programme attendance on Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) patients' decision making regarding immunosuppressant treatment to manage their chronic pain condition; Scandanavian Journal of Pain

A nociresponsive specific area of human somatsensory cortex within BA3a: BA3c?; Neuroimage

Bodily changes and sensory sensitivity in Complex Regional Pain Syndrome; PAIN

  Vitamin D deficiency is associated with painful diabetic neuropathy; Diabetes Metab Res Rev

Shared & distinct functional networks for empathy & pain processing: A systematic review& meta-analysis of fMRI studies; Social & cognitive & affective neuroscience

 Disputing space-based biases in unilateral Complex Regional Pain Syndrome; Cortex 

A Quantitative sensory testing approach to pain in Autism spectrum disorders; J Autism Dev Disord

Sensitivity to ambient temperature increases in Fibromyalgia and CRPS;  Pain Medicine

adverse effects of covid-19 lockdown on pain, physical activity.... British Journal of pain

CRPS patient immunoglobulin M has pronociceptive effects in the skin and spinal cord of tibia fracture mice;PAIN

Treating pain in diabetic Neuropathy: Current & Developmental Drugs; Drugs

Interventional Pain Medicine Practice in the UK and the USA: A survey of 242 Pain Physicians; Pain Physician

Percutaneous cervical cordotomy for cancer-related pain: national data;BMJ

Pain reduction by inducing sensory-motor adaption in Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS PRISMA): protocol for a double blind randomized controlled trial; BMC Neurol

 Successful & Unsuccessful recruitment & retainment strategies in a UK multicentre drug trial for a rare chronic pain condition which performed above target ; British Journal of Pain

Neuropsychological changes in Complex Regional Pain Syndrome; Behav Neurol.



; Science Advances

Autoantobodies produce pain in CRPS by sensitizing nociceptors; PAIN

Pain Processing in Pschiatric conditions; SAGE

The Effect of Induced & Chronic pain on attention; Journal of pain

Where is itch represented in the brain, & how does it differ from pain? An activation likelihood estimation meta-analysis of experimentally-induced itch; J Invest Dermatol

 Randomised controlled trial to investigate the effectiveness of thoracic epidural & paravertebral blcokade in reducing chronic post-thoracotomy pain (TOPIC): a pilot study to assess feasibility of a large multicentre trial; BMJ






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