Pain Immunology

We focus on the contribution of immunoglobulin G autoantibodies in causing chronic pain.

In collaboration with our partners at the University of Pécs, Hungary, we have successfully developed an immunoglobulin G transfer - trauma model for the complex regional pain syndrome. We are now working to clarify the disease mechanisms of the model. Using primary cells and cell lines, the role of specific antigenic targets are explored in separate experiments. We aim to ultimately develop novel drug therapies and antibody-based serum-tests for chronic pain.

We conduct pain-immunology experiments at the Rheumatology Laboratory, University Hospital Aintree, and at the University’s main campus in collaboration with Dr. Dean Naisbitt. The close proximity to the Hospital provides an ideal setup for clinicians wanting to pursue a higher degree (MD, PhD).

Our collaborators include:

  • Dr. David Andersson, Kings College, London for the definition of sensory nerve abnormalities
  • Prof. Zsuzsanna Helyes, University of Pécs, Hungary
  • Prof. Angela Vincent, Neuroimmunology Group, University of Oxford
  • Prof. Rob Moots, Department of Rheumatology, University of Liverpool

We are supported by funding from UK Government,  MRC/NIHR, Industry, ARUK and Charities.

For enquiries, please contact Andreas Goebel.