Where should I publish my work?

Selecting the right journal in which to publish your research can be difficult. The library cannot advise on specific journals; however, we can offer advice and guidance for things to consider.

  • How is the website?
  • Is there a transparent peer review process?
  • Are the publication fees stated?
  • Do they provide contact information?
  • Do they provide responsible metrics?

Beware of predatory journals. These are publications that exploit authors for financial gain. To address the challenges posed by predatory journals, researchers should carefully assess the credibility of journals, use trusted indices and databases for guidance, and opt for reputable journals that follow clear, ethical publishing practices. 

You can avoid predatory journals by considering the questions above. Legitimate journals maintain professional and well-designed websites with clear information about the editorial board, submission process and submission fees. Relevant contact information is easy to find as well as clear information on the peer review process. 

With regard to metrics, predatory journals often charge excessive publication fees without providing the corresponding editorial and publishing services that reputable journals offer. You should carefully review and compare publication fees, ensuring they align with industry standards and the services offered. You can find out more about responsible metrics on our dedicated webpages.


Think. Check. Submit. 

This is an excellent resource which enables you to find trusted publishers for your research. The Think. Check. Submit framework prompts you to: 

THINK about the journal to which you are submitting

CHECK against criteria to ensure it's the right place for your research

SUBMIT only if the journal adheres to certain standards



  • Beyond the journal impact factor.
  • Beyond the journal your supervisor publishes in. 
  • You've published there before, but is it still a trusted journal?


  • Is the peer review process clear?
  • Does the journal meet institutional and faculty/department requirements?
  • Is the journal open access and listed on the Directory of Open Access Journals?
  • Does the research fit the journal’s scope?
  • Does the journal meet necessary funder requirements?


  • Publishing in the right journal for your research will raise your professional profile and help you to progress.
  • Your output should be indexed or archived and be easily discoverable online. 

The best people to advise on the best place for your research is your peers. You are the experts in your fields, so be sure to speak with colleagues when considering where to publish your work.

If you are ever in doubt or have any concerns over where to publish, please reach out to us at openaccess@liverpool.ac.uk