Photo of Dr Trishna Chauhan

Dr Trishna Chauhan BSc (hons), MSc, PhD

Lecturer in Organisation Studies Work, Organisation and Management


Identity Work

Understanding how individuals construct identities, under different conditions the influential factors such as expertise, knowledge and sense of self

How individuals negotiate their identity - including stigmatised identities, invisible identities, liminal identities and those of non-professionals

Healthcare, policy and practice

The majority of my research focuses on the healthcare context given my experience working in the NHS, prior to my academic career. I have worked on a range of research projects in the NHS including oncology clinical trials, including a focus on quality of life for palliative care patients. I have also worked as a research assistant in a specialist Eating Disorders unit in the Midlands, conducting qualitative research on hard to reach groups related to eating disorders and the stigmas around this. Finally, I also worked as an RA on a child development studied, in partnership with UCL. These stemmed my interest in conducting research in the NHS for my PhD, where I collected data from 10 NHS organisations across England, based on the lived experience and inequalities of mental health.

Consultancy Work

I have worked on short research projects, where I have been employed as an academic consultant. The clients include: NHS England, Department of Health and Social Care, Mylan Pharmaceuticals, Janssen, Swiss Re, Bradford Metropolitan Council.
This work has involved conducting scoping reviews on recent research, producing reports, writing up applied journal articles, field work such as interviewing, designing questionnaires and interview schedules, producing client-focused material including presentations and translating research into lay terms.