Photo of Dr Patricia Murtagh

Dr Patricia Murtagh B.A.(hons.) (First class), M.Sc. (Distinction), Ph.D.

Senior Lecturer in Management Work, Organisation and Management


Research Interests

Patricia’s research centers on entrepreneurship from the perspective of organisations, technology and society. She is currently working on entrepreneurship in the society of the spectacle; the ‘agencying’ of agency in street level bureaucracy and entrepreneurship in conflict zones. Her research explores distinct varieties of entrepreneurial organisations (for example, nomadic, secret and anonymous, controversial and fractious) and the role of organisations in society and in the economy. She is particularly interested in technology, representation, media and society.

Refereed academic conferences:
2018 British Academy of Management Award for best Developmental paper ‘Spectacularising Strategy’
2019 Presentation at 11th CERI (Centre d’Etudes et de Recherche de l’ISTEC) annual colloquium), Working Paper on Anarchism and Entrepreneurship
2019 Paper accepted for 2019 European Group for Organization Studies, on ‘The Agencying of Agency: An examination of the interplay between formal organisation and occupational dynamics’.

2018 British Academy of Management Award for best Developmental paper ‘Spectacularising Strategy’
Working paper:

Working paper:
2005, The Role and Value of Knowledge Sharing in Software Engineering New Product Development Projects, Working Paper, University of Sheffield. Adopted by the College of Computer Science and Information Technology, India, who used my framework for learning and teaching.

2012-2016 Second Supervisor of PhD on Transaction Costs and Knowledge Sharing in International Joint Ventures, University of York.