Photo of Dr Emma Apps

Dr Emma Apps BSc MSc PhD

Senior Lecturer, University Teacher in Finance Economics


    Personal Statement

    Having spent most of my working life in risk management and asset management roles in the investment banks SG Warburg, Bankers Trust and Deutsche Bank, I moved into academia in 2006. Following 5 years spent at the University of Manchester, I joined the University of Liverpool Management School where my teaching interests are the global financial markets, asset management, measuring market risk and quantitative topics. In terms of research, I apply econometric / statistical models to the measurement of a financial institution's exposure to market risk (VaR analysis and application of Bayesian models). In July 2018, I was awarded my PhD in Finance and Economics. The title of my PhD thesis is: "Assessing the Impact of Risk Contagion on Value-at-Risk and the Alternative Application of a Bayesian Factor Based Approach."