Photo of Professor Dongping Song

Professor Dongping Song PhD

Chair in Supply Chain Management Operations and Supply Chain Management


    Personal Statement

    I joined Liverpool University Management School in September 2013. Before that, I studied and worked at Nankai University, Zhejiang University, Newcastle University, Imperial College London and Plymouth University. I have managed several research projects funded by EPSRC, Royal Society, British Council, European Commission, and Chinese Research Councils. I have developed research expertise in applying data analytics, mathematical modelling, artificial intelligence, and simulation-based tools to various supply chain, logistics and transportation systems, particularly in the area of maritime transport. The goal is to advance the knowledge and assist industries to improve management considering economic, environmental and societal performance.
    Recently, I am working on an EPSRC funded project "Digitalisation and GHG emission reduction at container ports", collaborating with Professor Ying Xie at Anglia Ruskin University and the industrial partner PORT OF FELIXSTOWE. The project aims to apply machine learning techniques and optimisation methods to improve operational efficiency for port yard operations and reduce carbon emissions at container ports.