Photo of Professor David Hojman

Professor David Hojman PhD

Professor of Economics and International Business Economics


Personal Statement

I am Professor of Economics and International Business in ULMS, where I have been a member of staff since the School foundation in 2002. Before that, my previous Liverpool University appointment was a joint one in Economics and Latin American Studies. My degrees are from Universidad de Chile (BSc Economics, and Licenciado en Ciencias Economicas e Ingeniero Comercial) and University of Edinburgh (PhD). I was the first Director of UG Studies at ULMS and have held a number of administrative responsibilities before and after. My current appointment is 0.3 full-time equivalent (fte). I currently teach two final year UG modules, International Political Economy and Business in Latin America. Recently I have been working in academic research pursuing some of my long-term research interests, looking at questions in the interface between economic development and political economy, and including issues of emergent markets, commodity exports, public choice, regulation, inequality, institutions, culture, cross-cultural communication, national exceptionalism, Latin American economic history, the Coase Theorem, the world wine industry, and corruption. Please see more about my current research work and interests, and publications, in the respective areas of this web profile.

Prizes or Honours

  • Keynote lecturer and worshop chair, University of Lund first Policy Related Institutions in Development Economics (PRIDE) Lectures (Lund University, 2000)
  • My 1993 book was repeatedly listed by The Handbook of Latin American Studies as one of five which 'stand out in terms of their singular quality'. (Handbook of Latin American Studies, 2000)
  • My article in the Journal of Common Market Studies, 1981, was selected for reprint as a 'classic' article on international economic integration, in the Jovanovic four-volume set. . (European Institute, Geneva., 1998)
  • My article in Applied Economics, 1996, was awarded a 'Citation of Excellence' with the 'Highest Quality Rating'. (ANBAR Electronic Intelligence, 1996)
  • My article in the Journal of Latin American Studies, 1989, was selected as one of the top seven pieces of academic work on Chile's economy that year. (Handbook of Latin American Studies, 1992)

Other Personal Distinctions

  • Personal invitations to contribute to about 17 edited volumes and special numbers of academic journals, 1980 to 2015 (Journal of Inter-American Studies and World Affairs, Social Policy and Administration, Homo Oeconomicus, etc , 2016)
  • Invitation to organise workshop on Public Choice and Conflict Resolution (Hamburg University/Turku University, 2010)
  • Invitation to act as discussant (Hamburg University and Turku University, 2009)
  • Invitation to join Management Board, Research Institute of Latin American Studies, Liverpool, 2008 (RILAS, 2008)
  • Invitation to speak to Adam Smith Seminar, Economics Dept., Hamburg University, 2008 (University of Hamburg, Economics Department, 2008)
  • Invited to become a member of the Editorial Board (Bulletin of Latin American Research, 1990)